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  • On average, 84% of consumers will read 11.4 product- or service-related articles.This is to get a detailed understanding of what they need and to read reviews before purchasing a product.
  • There are also some companies whose aim is to attract consumers through the website; this is why they need copywriting service. Statistics report that websites which frequently publish articles have 469% higher exposure rate in search engines in comparison to those who do not.
  • This is because frequent article updates bring vitality to a website, which makes search engines like the website more and therefore raises the website ranking in the search results.
  • A product or service with more written recognition tends to bring greater desire and confidence for consumers to decide and purchase. Even if many competitors are selling the same products as you, we believe your products will be more popular among consumers.

Copywriting Service

WWe guarantee that all articles delivered by us are original and created by Bingo(HK). Under no circumstances will we deliver slapdash or junk articles taken from the internet.

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