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Important as a website is, a website without a memorable URL is definitely harder to succeed as a website!

Bingo(HK) offers plenty of domain names for our client to choose. If necessary, clients can also apply for Chinese domain names such as '.香港' and '.中國' .

  • .com
  • .xyz
  • .com.cn
  • .hk
  • .cn
  • .org
  • .top
  • .us
  • .net
  • .ltd
  • .group
  • .jp.com
  • .sc
  • .asia
  • .cn.com
  • .mo
  • .info
  • .tw
  • .wang
  • .bar
  • .net.cn
  • .com.mo
  • .cc
  • .mobi
  • .com.tw
  • .pw
  • .me
  • .gov.cn
  • .sg
  • .eu
  • .ru
  • .ua
  • .it
  • .ca
  • .biz
  • .pro
  • .tm
  • .se
  • .co

How long it takes to register a domain name?

We are a domain name dealer, certified by ICANN. We offer quick domain name application submission, where your domain name becomes effective within 24 hours upon application acceptance.

Can a company or an individual register .org / .net?

Technically, .org is used to identify organisations, and .net is used to identify internet service providers. However, ICANN has no fixed authentication mechanisms at present, so you can still apply for .org / .net domain names.

How does DNS help increase website speed?

Every time we enter a web page, we have to link to a DNS server first. A stable DNS server can ensure your website stays online with high speed. The uptime of our professional DNS server has remained consistently high at a rate of 99.99%, showing its high level of reliability.

What is DNS?

DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System. Its function is to transfer a domain name into an IP address that can be identified by the network. For example, if we enter www.abc.com, it will be automatically transferred to

What is A record (IP Pointer)?

A (Address) record is used to specify a host's names or domain name-related IP address records. The user can direct the website server under the domain name to their own Web Server, and can also set a second-level domain name under the current domain name.

What is MX record?

MX record is used by an email system to locate the addressee's mail server based on its address suffix. For example, when the addressee’s email is「cs@domain.com」, the system will perform an MX record analysis upon「mydomain.com」. If the MX record exists, the system will send email according to the priorities of the MX record to the corresponding mail server.


Bingo is an international leading website design company. No matter where you are, we can provide you with the most suitable web design and corresponding marketing strategies.

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Bingo(HK) web design - striving for ultimate perfection. User's first impression on your company is determined by the interface and quality of your website.. Our professionalism enables us to fully understand what our clients need. Our constant pursuit of ultimate perfection enables us to make excellence more excellent. Contact us now!

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