Professional Shooting Team

Bingo(HK) has its own shooting department, post-production department and planning department, which can make different project plans according to different needs and enterprise characteristics of different customers, so as to meet or even exceed our customers' needs.

In addition, the shooting team consists of members with professional technical knowledge, including photographers, copywriting scripts, actors, film post-production and editing, art design, professional logistics. All of them boast work experience of many years.

  • Government publicity video
  • Enterprise image video
  • Promotion video
  • Enterprise training video
  • 2D/3D animation
  • Activity shooting
  • Aerial photography service

Thorough understanding on shooting background and purpose

Bingo(HK) will study client's background and shooting purpose before commencement of film shooting. Bingo(HK) will collect data of target customer, perform competition advantage analysis, marketing strategy analysis and integrate these information into the film. Then Bingo(HK) will see to it to precisely convey information that the client wants to and promote client's brand image through the film.

Shooting department, post-production department and planning department are all managed by Bingo(HK). In this case, not only can client avoid project subcontracting, but also can get its needs fully implemented and the execution efficiency increased. That's the very point our clients speak highly of.

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Film Service

A distinctive, outstanding promotion video created through the latest technologies will help you stand out in the industry and show the great momentum of your company.

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