Professional skills, experienced team

Bingo(HK)'s photography department is led by senior photographers. Photography services include: product photography, commercial photography, advertising photography, portrait photography, outdoor photography, etc. Beyond that, we also offer services such as photo printing and production according to the design concept.of our clients.

We boast industry leading hardware strength, including full set of professional lighting equipment and international top photographic apparatuses.

Our team consists of experts from various fields, including photography, fine art, scene setting and so on. In an effort to endow works with innovative techniques, our team will make concerted efforts to deeply analyze client's needs and explore the mix between photography and design.

The purpose of Bingo(HK) is “To create more value for your product through photography”. Bingo(HK) strives to show the inherent value of our client's products through photography, and to integrate product with web design concept.

Experienced photographer

Bingo(HK) boasts photographers with years of shooting experience and equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also offer one-stop services for the entire shooting process.

  • Photography shotting ideas
  • Arrange models for screen test
  • Provide professional make up and hair style design for the model
  • Arrange photographic studio
  • Professional lighting service
  • Perfect post production
  • Arrange photographic studio

In case of any special requirements, you only needs to provide your preferred shooting concept. We will try our best to take cate of your requirements.


Exquisite post production to present perfect image effect!

Photography requires not only rich shooting experience and special equipment, but also requires exquisite post production skills. Post retouch presents effect that normal photography can not give.

Moreover, if client thinks the light of certain picture is insufficient or wants to add other factors, it can be done simply through post production.

Photography Service

Acquire a completely new outlook for your products and services through a new tailored “cloth”. A different outlook of the same product will definitely bring your customers a different feeling!

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