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Search engine marketing is a great way to attract target visitors when you’re in urgent need of them. How does it work? Advertisers pay only when their keyword ads are clicked on by web users. To ensure your ads will be clicked on, they must be placed at the top of search results; all of this will be engineered by SEM.

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As a partner of Google, Bingo(HK) will conduct a precise analysis based on your specific business features, and then use this to determine the various adverts to place and market promotions to go forward with. Clients can also use Google AdWords and Google Analytics to check the status of the adverts and the website visitors' flow, as well as contacting us at any time for adjustments. We make sure your keyword ad appears at the top of countless search results, combing the entire industry to pick up valid customer groups.

A great discount is available if you choose to use Bingo(HK) to perform SEM (Search Engine Marketing) on the Google search engine. In comparison to placing adverts online by yourself, you can have Bingo(HK)’s professionals managing your ad quality and click-throughs while enjoying great discounts at the very same time. So why not choose Bingo(HK)?

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Advantages of SEM

SEM can increase website traffic immediately. When web users search the keywords you have placed in your advert, the fees will not be charged until your advert is clicked into. Unlike search engine optimization, SEM brings effective results within a few days or even a few hours, providing rapid promotion for your products or services.

There is a variety of options for prices - sometimes the client may get their keywords get keywords that are ranked relatively high at a very cheap price. In this case, SEM is a very good solution, because SEM can generate website traffic at the lowest costs.

Disadvantages of SEM

SEM may cost a lot of money. If a client needs to maintain the ranking of certain keywords at the top of search results, the client may fall into a trap. A very popular keyword may affect the overall pricing and lead to very expensive click-throughs.

Another factor that affects costs is click fraud, which may drain all your budget very quickly. However, Bingo(HK) has its very own anti-click fraud system that perfectly safeguards our customers' money.

The biggest disadvantage of SEM is that if you stop spending money on it, you will lose your position immediately. SEM is unlike SEO, the latter has a longer-lasting effect.

Does my company need SEM?

Most companies cannot rely solely on SEM, because it is very expensive. But when combined with other forms of internet marketing, SEM can be very effective. SEM meets several important requirements, and if these are also what you would like to pursue, then you should use SEM:

  • • Ads that generates website traffic under certain circumstances - If you have a short-term advertising campaign for a new product or service (e.g. Valentine's Day, Christmas), search engine marketing can be a great way to attract attention and target visitors. If you need to get people's attention within a limited time, search engine marketing would be your best solution.
  • Online store - Search engine marketing is a great tool if you sell products or provide services that can be ordered immediately from your website. A very good example is an online sales website, where every click suggests a potential customer; it is definitely worth investing in.
  • Suiting the target market - If you can perfectly capture the website traffic of your business-related keywords, the search engine marketing can certainly provide the fullest effect.

Everything depends on your main focus.Natural search engine optimisation s a long-term strategy aimed at promoting the brand and its popularity, while search engine marketing is a marketing technique that is suitable for short-term and mid-term goals.

What’s the next step to take while you decide whether to use search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is a very powerful marketing tool, and certainly should not be neglected. But clients also need to focus on conversion rate and rate of return on investments, not just click-throughs.

Therefore, to achieve successful search engine marketing, we need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Budget
  2. Advertisement art
  3. Measurement of conversion rate
  4. Appropriate keywords for your business
  5. Quality assurance (advert title, content)

For the best results and the highest conversion rates, please contact Bingo(HK) to let us learn more about your situation!

Let Bingo(HK) work together with you to improve your search engine marketing. We also offer different kinds of search engine marketing services:

  • Google Adwords adverts
  • Facebook adverts
  • YouTube adverts
  • Advert strategy planning
  • Keywords study
  • Create text adverts
  • Advert campaign
  • Advert lecture
  • Report and analysis
  • Expert consultation


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