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Human-Oriented Design

All our web design service packages are followed up independently by our designers on a one-on-one basis. Through communicating with you, the designers will understand more about your company and bring the design to life using their professional skills. The top web design service packages will be personally and directly followed up by our Design Director.

  • Our Design Director was previously Head of Design at a listed company.
  • Every designer has been trained by the design director for at least 5 months
  • There are currently 20 designers in the Department of Design at Bingo Group (Global), who all have 5 years of work experience on average.

Different packages consist of different service details, including:

  • UI/UX management
  • Graphic design/graphic drawing
  • Designer and programmer one-on-one follow up.
  • Photography/film production
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Professional programmer team providing a lifetime warranty

Bingo(UK) has its very own professional programming team that is capable of offering the best web design in the market and tailoring different systems. Each project will be taken care of by a team of three to eight professional members.

Features :

  • Free face to face meeting with senior programmers.
  • All website service users are eligible to use the web content management system developed by Bingo(UK) for free.
  • Lifetime warranty

No matter where you are, you can modify the website simply using a computer or mobile phone; even if you don't possess any professional programming skills.

We take pride in our 10 years of cross-platform designer experience and proficiency in creating self-adaptive cross-platform web designs for mobile phones, tablet PCs and computers.

  • Optimization web page for mobile phones and tablet PCs
  • Function development
web design
web design

Tailor-made Web System

Bingo(UK) can create different systems and tailor it solely for the client.

Examples of previous system developments:

  • Online test and examination system
  • Group-buying website
  • Live broadcasting system
  • A large-scaled job search website
  • 3D online clothing customization
  • eClass system for school
  • Immediate cinema ticket purchase system

Website for lifetime usage

For all websites designed by Bingo(UK), we will offer a lifetime maintenance warranty.

Every website will be double checked upon completion and launched only after approval from the client.

During the process of web page production, our colleagues will take the initiative to inform our client of the production situation, allowing the client to be aware of the latest updates.

We guarantee that the error rate of our website will be no more than 0.01% and that the website uptime will be no less than 99.99%.

And after completion of each website, we will provide permanent maintenance and follow-up service for our client no matter how many years have passed.

web design


Bingo is an international leading website design company. No matter where you are, we can provide you with the most suitable web design and corresponding marketing strategies.

Our services include:

web design


Bingo(HK) web design - striving for ultimate perfection. User's first impression on your company is determined by the interface and quality of your website.. Our professionalism enables us to fully understand what our clients need. Our constant pursuit of ultimate perfection enables us to make excellence more excellent. Contact us now!

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