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10 Years of Experience in Development

Bingo(HK) is a programming-oriented company. The founders of our company take pride in their 10 years of experience in program development. There are also 10 programmers in our Hong Kong office providing services for local clients.

We guarantee that all developed programs will go through:

  • Double-checked locking report
  • User experience report
  • Speed optimization for programs
  • Vulnerability check and a lifetime warranty
  • One-on-one custom design by professional designers

Online System Development Experience

Bingo(HK) has developed many large-scale online systems, including logistics systems, financial systems and systems for individuals and organizations.

  • Online ERP system
  • Online CRM system
  • Online POS system
  • Email delay system
  • Company logistics system
  • LMS system for a large academy
  • Online instant stock instant ordering system
web system
app development

Application Development

We provide iOS and Android application development services, including simple and user-friendly software, to establish an internet of things.

  • API connection
  • Website information connection
  • Simple management system
  • Payment system connection
  • Hardware connection
  • Supported iOS and Android version


Bingo is an international leading website design company. No matter where you are, we can provide you with the most suitable web design and corresponding marketing strategies.

Our services include:

web design


Bingo(HK) web design - striving for ultimate perfection. User's first impression on your company is determined by the interface and quality of your website.. Our professionalism enables us to fully understand what our clients need. Our constant pursuit of ultimate perfection enables us to make excellence more excellent. Contact us now!

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